Worldwidecollaboration is a music family Our prices were higher to help keep things going but we lowerd them that way we can get other artists on there. Get played on our Online radio, app, website. The new prices are $1.00 a month or $5.00 a year.  https://wwcfam.com/membership/

He does everything for worldwidecollaboration. He want's to get every one seen. He believe's that they will if every one works together that is what collaboration is all about. They work together however they can to be successful. He said together lets build an empire we have seen so many people show the real them over the years after knowing them for a while.  He said This is a family not enemies he support's all talent and he would like to see other talents join them and be a part of worldwidecollaboration.  

You can make mix tapes, albums it is up to you if you want to do it. 
We want to get every one on the website that we can.  We accept all talent from music to graphic designers, web designers, DJ's, producers, engineers, mix tape hosts, radio, hosts, clubs, dancers, company's organization's, business, sponsors booking agency's your all welcome to join us.  Music movement talents every one supports everyone.  Every one everywhere's every thing we are the world together we stand worldwide collaboration 

you can show support by sharing anything from the real world wide collaboration we write our name in many ways worldwidecollaboration, the worldwide collaboration, worldwide collaborations and we also can be found on different social media using the hash tags #wwcfam #worldwidecollaboration since 2012. They now run the online radio 24 hours a day. You can tune in any time of the day.  They now have an app on google play they stream right from the online radio to the app. You can download the app worldwidecollaboration on google play and tune right in. If you have any questions at all please visit the website wwcfam.com  The official website of worldwidecollaboration. Find us on twitter worldwidewwc, Facebook worldwidecollaboration, Instagram worldwidecollaborationwwc.